Homemade Kimchi

I’m quite a fan of Kimchi and with all the talk at the moment around gut health and how good fermented foods are for us I decided to make some of my own. I used a recipe that I got with my Kilner fermentation jar from my favourite little eco store in Hobart, called Teros. … More Homemade Kimchi

Apple Pie Filling

Inspired by my Fat Pig Farm visit and having been given a bagful of apples from a friend, I was keen to try out the cinnamon apple recipe I learnt in the cooking class a couple of weeks back. It’s a very simple recipe and didn’t take very long at all, besides all the peeling of … More Apple Pie Filling

Plum Jam

Sometimes I really feel like an old soul and making some homemade jam really does add to the old world charm. I was happy to discover over the Christmas break that we are lucky enough to have a plum tree in the backyard. I have been eagerly checking the fruit and hoping for it to ripen … More Plum Jam

Homemade Pizza

I’m really enjoying being off work at the moment and getting a chance to spend time preparing and cooking dinner each night. Last night I made pizza and it turned out really well. It’s quite hard cooking with a 30 year old electric oven that isn’t fan forced but i’m slowly getting used to the … More Homemade Pizza