We’ve now entered September and with that brings Spring. The wattle trees on our property are flowering and covered in yellow blossoms. I’m glad to see August behind us as it really is the coldest month of the year for us. We’ve had a heap of rain lately which is good for the tanks but … More Spring

Winter Garden

I feel everything in Winter takes a lot longer to grow and the produce dwindles to a slow pace over these colder months. Luckily the produce I grew throughout the year including the bumper crop of potatoes and onions are still going strong and assisting with the hardy winter meals. I am happy to report … More Winter Garden

Fat Pig Farm

After many months of waiting, having purchased a ticket back in January, the day to visit Fat Pig Farm had finally arrived. On Saturday I drove an hour South of Hobart to Glaziers Bay to undertake a cooking class and boy was I excited! Upon arrival at the farm, I was greeted by Sadie and … More Fat Pig Farm