Garden Update

I can’t actually believe it’s been six months since I last posted an update on here. With full time work, the garden, chickens and dogs to wrangle, we have been kept busy.

I thought I might start with a garden update as we have a heap of new beds now and are finally keeping up with all the jobs that go with growing your own food.

The latest instalment has been these 10 round beds for fruit trees. We tried growing a number of fruit trees directly into the ground but with our clay soil, they just didn’t cope. Those trees that I thought wouldn’t come back have surprised me in there new homes, and already have new growth after just a couple of weeks.

We have cavandish and lady finger bananas, red apple, green apple, quince, lemon, orange, pear, peach and a double hazelnut.

We have also added three new 3m long oval beds. One of which Clint has taken ownership of which he is growing corn, beans and beetroot in.

The other two beds I planted out and they have (from top to bottom) brussel sprouts, spinach, rocket, radish and cucumbers.

Cabbage, kale, carrots and bok choy.

Three low cream beds are growing white potatoes, sweet potato, beans and garlic (just planted)

We then have some more beetroot.

Iceberg and cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, gherkin, basil, snow peas and onions.

Golden zucchini’s, potatoes, beans and a few stray seeds from previous harvests.

Rosemary, kale, blueberry and marionberry .

More blueberries, two types of fig, rhubarb, lemongrass, cape gooseberry, chia and asparagus.

Strawberry, chilli, zucchini, capsicum, carrot, onion, Swiss chard and broccoli.

Tomatoes, celery, rocket, pumpkin, carrots and a watermelon which is a bit late in the season.

This is the entire garden taken from upstairs.

We also have two passion fruit vines growing on the deck upstairs.

A big pot of herbs including mint, thyme and oregano.

This is also our first year that our olive tree has a few fruits on it.

The last growing location is this vegepod that is great for bringing up seedlings. It has a dwarf mandarin tree, two coffee trees, sage and tomato.

I promise it won’t be as long between updates. In fact I’ve realised that I haven’t done a chicken update in a while, especially given we now have 22 chickens, up from the 9 we had last year.

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