Our chickens & their eggs🥚

Last week the hens started laying eggs again. Its exciting when you get that first egg after the winter hiatus. Once one started, the others weren’t too far behind.

Before the new coop was built, I just had the two hens, but now with a larger space the brood has increased to 7 hens and a rooster.

I wasn’t sure what colour eggs I was going to get but as you can see above, the variety is so beautiful!

On the weekends when I’m home I have been keeping an eye on the girls as they come and go from the nesting boxes to work out which hen is laying which egg and thought I might give you a run down.

I have had a number of other chickens over the past couple of years but this group seem to get on really well and look out for each other. They are a vocal bunch in the morning but I love having them around. They roam on our 22 acres during the day and are always back in the coop as the sun heads behind the mountains.

I hope you have enjoyed the chicken update and if you have the space to get a few you should as you will be rewarded with some incredible tasting eggs!

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