Creating a unique firewood storage unit

After constructing the carport I always hoped to create an area to store wood. Not only was this area out of the weather but also easily accessible to lug the wood inside the house. Below is a picture of the area in question and a fairly open playing field in terms of room and design. I’ve never been very good at designing anything so have to research these things for a while before I get ideas together and create a plan.

With a newfound enjoyment of working with metal, I decided to order some sheets of hot rolled steel. I wanted to ensure that the house was protected so I also needed to create a backing.

The first step was cutting two of the three sheets in half lengthwise. With the grinder in hand, I cut away.

Next up was to lay the sheets on the ground for the backing and bend the side sheet to the shape we wanted and trace the outside. As it was an angle I started by cutting the sheet with the jigsaw but it ate the blades far too quickly so I was back on the angle grinder.

One of the offcuts was then used for the top triangle and was traced and cut to shape.

I then had to grind the edges of all of the pieces that I will be welding together to remove the mill scale which is formed onto the surface of the sheets when they are hot rolled. If you don’t remove it, it will contaminate the weld.

All the pieces were then ready to assemble. The flat section will be the back, two lengths for the two sides and the final straight for the base.

Welding time. I started with the backing and welded the top triangle. It took longer than expected given the mig gets it so hot. It looked pretty messy but once it was ground down with the grinder, it looked significantly better. I’m not sure what finish I’m going to go with but you likely won’t see the joins when done.

We then moved onto the sides and the base. Clint moved onto the mig and tack welded it in place as I slowly bent it around the edge to match the curve.

A small overhang at the top was trimmed down and then we flipped it over ready to start welding.

Torch in hand I began, but using the tig this time. Let me assure you, I spent a long time welding, over many days/weekends given it gets extremely hot and you have to let it cool to ensure it doesn’t warp.

Given the structure will butt up against the house and the carport pillar I had to move in some dirt to bring the floor level up to the level of the concrete footings. I had to redo this a number of times as the chickens thought it would be fun to dig up.

Once it was standing up I was able to work out where I wanted to attach a shelf and divider to create a spot for smaller wood. (Clint’s Idea)

The supports for the shelf were welded into place and then the shelf and divider slotted back in.

Next step was preparing it for paint, which involved sanding all surfaces with the orbital sander so the paint would have a rougher surface to grip onto. We took it outside to paint and luckily had a glorious sunny and warm day which meant the paint dried extremely fast. Steaming actually as it dried as the metal had heated up.

It was then ready to put in place so we put it onto a couple of trolleys and wheeled it round to the location.

I am extremely happy and proud of this project, as it brings me joy to see it finished and bring what I had envisioned to life. It took a good few weekends to complete but in the end it was worth it. More skills such as welding learnt and I’m far more confident on the tools such as the grinder so capabilities are being increased.

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