More uses to reduce our waste to landfill πŸ”‹πŸ—‘

As plastic free July came to an end, I thought I might post about a number of additional learnings and uses for products that I came across during the month.

  • Tip contents of vacuum into compost or worm farm. It’s mostly dog hair and dirt anyway so will just become part of the garden.
  • Wash all soft plastics and collect parcel bags and redcycle them. Whilst it is inconvenient to wash some that have meat or other products in them it’s better to get in the habit of putting them aside.
  • Bones that can’t be given to the dogs can be thrown in the fire and burnt.
  • Keep aluminium lids from yogurts or sour cream etc aside until you have enough to create a ball the size of your fist otherwise they are too small to be recycled.
  • Citrus peel can be dried on top of fireplace and then used as a fire lighter.
  • Ash from fire is used as ash bath for chickens inside coop.
  • Dryer lint is stuffed into used toilet rolls as used as a fire lighter.
  • Chicken poo is a great fertiliser for the vegetable gardens.
  • Wood shavings created in the workshop from the thicknesser can be used as bedding in the nesting boxes for the hens.
  • You can make your own bin liner out of newspaper. This is perfect for bathroom bins that are quite small.

I also came across trashless takeaway which is a great website that allows you to look up businesses that will allow you to byo container for takeaway food and drinks. This is great as I buy lunch a couple of days a week and dining in with my own cutlery was previously the only waste free option. There’s a few places near work that have been happy to accept my container or smoothie cup and the Thai place below was very happy to use my container when I asked.

Reducing waste and moving towards zero waste to landfill are becoming far more common practice and I recently found out about a recycle drop-off point that the City of Hobart had introduced in the Council Chambers in Hobart via instagram. 

As you can see from the photo above, these bins are provided by the Council to assist households to recycle hard to recycle items that shouldn’t be going to landfill.

I already had a collection of items put aside with the hope that I would find a business that would be willing to recycle them when this location popped up. It’s fantastic! I dropped off light globes, batteries and a couple of old empty beauty products but as you can see the items I can drop-off include so many more so ill be sure to keep these items aside as well and it will be nice to just have one delivery point.

In addition to the recycling station, they also had this free booklet that has been developed by the Council in collaboration with Good Life Permaculture. It was such a great read and so helpful for anyone wanting to get into composting.

We have a worm farm at home that eats through all of our green waste produced in the kitchen but we also have a lot of old stalks and plants from the garden when I turn over the vegetable beds that I need to find somewhere to compost. I’ve been looking at building a couple of additional bins that I will be able to compost these other items. Hopefully once I’ve finished building a new place for the wood to be stacked (blog to come very soon), I’ll be able to re-purpose the pallets into these bins as they wont be needed anymore.

I also had to get a new phone case recently and invested in a pela case which are compostable when they have finished there usefulness. This one is of bees and a hive and is great. I rate it highly and protects my phone perfectly.

What I am trying to find is an alternate use for polystyrene. It’s not often we get any but every now and then some meat will come on a tray. Are you aware of a way to repurpose it or recycle it?

Hopefully during July you were able to take part and learn more about plastic waste and what changes you could make to reduce your use.

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