Chickens are settled and have some new friends

If you’ve been reading along and seen my posts on the new chicken coop that we’ve built, I’m happy to report that the chickens were happy to return into the new coop the following night without any struggles. The silkie rooster was the only one that seemed a little lost in the dark wondering where to go. After a little guidance he was up the ramp and into the sleeping area.

I was also overly excited to see that my white Easter Egger hen had laid her first egg in the nesting box during the day and then another the following day and so on. She was only laying every 2-3 days and is back laying everyday which is exciting. They are gorgeous blue-green eggs.

The other black hen has stopped laying given the reduced daylight so hopefully when she’s ready, she can deliver one in the new nesting boxes too.

I needed to instal some further steps onto the ramp as the gaps were too far apart for the little chicken legs and they were having to flap their wings to keep steady. An easy change and addition and now they can walk up easily.

All is going well and holding up nicely so hopefully it wont need too many more tweaks. I still let the chickens free range during the day and they go home when the sun goes down each night on their own.

I also bought three more chickens during the week. Two pullets (one maran and one Astralorp) which should start laying in the next month or so and one hen which I think is a Brahma. We now have 5 hens and a rooster. We did have a second Silkie rooster but lost him during the week 😢. I’m not sure if it was Freya or something else but it’s never a good feeling to lose an animal. The only one missing from the photo below was my white Easter Egger.

The latest instalment into the coop is a climbing frame which I will add a few more branches too and it will keep them entertained.

It sure was frosty here this morning so luckily the coop has a nice warm sleeping area so they can get out of the cold and wind.

I hope you have enjoyed the coop build and got some tips along the way.

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