Upgrading the Chicken Coop – Part 4 (completion)

Weekend 4 of chicken coop build was upon us and the hope was to make the coop secure and cover all the remaining gaps with pallet boards. I began by hammering nails into the ends of the boards to attach them to the wood but it was a hard and slow process but we eventually got one full gap secured.

We then cut the boards for the two back doors, side door, front gap and side gap. After a morning trip to Bunnings, we returned with an air nail gun and I just wished we had invested the day before. It made the process significantly quicker and painless to attach the remainder of the boards rather than hammering in each individual nail.

We also installed the roosting poles so they can sleep up higher and then access doors all received latches and handles. Once I was sure the coop was ready and secure, the water station and feeder from the old coop was moved in and attached to the wire.

It was then ready for the chickens to move in. To say it was smooth sailing would be a gross understatement, they were vocal about not wanting to move house and involved me having to catch every one of them. Luckily there’s only four and hopefully it’s only this challenging for the first night and they’ll be happy with the new digs.

It was then time paint. I lit my fire pit to create some warmth in addition to the gloves and puffer jacket I had on and it was still freezing. A bit fiddly to paint all the ends of the boards but eventually it was all complete.

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