Upgrading the Chicken Coop – Part 3

We are almost there, weekend 3 arrived and I had a long list of jobs to get done in the coop. I began by attaching the front door and side door and finished attaching wire to the last couple of gaps.

I then got out the jigsaw and cut an opening into the MDF board which is going to cover the front. This archway will provide them with access to the upper area via the ramp. Once that was cut, we clamped it into position and attached the board using screws.

I then moved to the back and installed the nesting boxes. These pieces are MDF board as well and were just screwed together.

I’ve chosen to install fake turf in the nesting boxes and sleeping area as it will be comfortable for them to sit on and very easy to take out and hose off once its dirty. In the current coop I have shredded paper but it blows everywhere and is very hard to collect and replace when I clean it. If it doesn’t work out it wasn’t a large investment and can easily be changed up with paper or straw. I also placed some wood shavings in the nesting boxes as another layer of comfort for when they lay eggs.

I then cut all the pieces of fake turf to size so they fit around each of the posts and took them inside to sew it all together.

Below is the finished product from the underside. This will make it easy for me to pull out and hose down when its dirty which if you have chickens, you know is very often!

On the Sunday I spent the day in the shed again as it seems to always rain on Sunday’s lately. I spent the day inside pulling apart pallets and removing all the nails from the boards. I will be using these to cover up the remainder of the gaps, cover the side and back doors and any other openings than I haven’t covered in wire. It’s not an easy process as the nails used are often bent and old and very difficult to get out.

One more post to come and reveal the final product!

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