Upgrading the Chicken Coop – Part 2

During weekend 1, the main structure was built. Weekend 2 arrived and work began on the sleeping area, nesting boxes and framing for the access doors. First up we installed the roofing sheets onto the area that they will sleep in and hopefully lay us some eggs. We still had leftover sheets from the sheds so didn’t need to buy any additional ones.

I then installed some chicken wire to the floor of the coop so the wildlife around here can’t dig underneath and get in. I stapled it to the outside beams and then hammered some pegs in the centre to keep it held down.

Next up was installing the last couple of beams for the roof and cutting all the timber for the doors. I also cut three lengths for the ramp up to the enclosed area.

The ramp was attached and I installed steps onto the ramp to allow the chickens to grip onto as they walk up. Let’s hope it isn’t too steep for them.

We then cut the mdf board to fit the base of the sleeping area. It was a bit fiddly given we had to cut around the posts but it meant it was a tight and secure fit. I then gave it a couple of coats of paint and then we slotted it in place.

Originally I was going to leave the rest of the roof open with wire mesh but decided to keep it covered and sheet the rest of the roof. Luckily we had enough sheets leftover so I got on the grinder and cut them to size.

The rain then set in so I moved inside the shed and started cutting the mdf to be used for the nesting boxes and gave them a lick of paint.

The two doors at the back were attached using hinges and over centre latches to keep the doors closed.

The following day I collected some roll on turf from StrathAyr in Richmond and laid it in the coop. It sure is luscious and Freya enjoyed rolling around on it. I have sectioned off a bit at the back of the coop which I will top up with some more soil and ash for a dust bath.

I also attached the wire mesh to a number of the openings and the front door. The rest of the openings will be covered in wood, using boards from some pallets we’ve collected from deliveries or received free.

Given its pitch dark by 5pm, I’m not able to get anything done during the week which is annoying as we are so productive in Summer during daylight saving. That said, its been around 2-5 degrees celsius lately at night so its a bit cold to work outside in any event.

Weekend 2 of the build was complete, the next post will involve installing some of the fiddly bits inside the sleeping area and making the coop secure.

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