Building a fire pit

We have been collecting old used forklift chains (from Clint’s day job) for some time now given we were sure we would find something to make them into.

After getting quite a collection together, I decided I wanted to make a fire pit. At first, I had to learn how to tack weld so Clint showed me how to use the mig welder and I went about my project.

The first step was creating the flat base and spot welding the chain together.

Once the base was big enough I started to work the chain up the sides.

I continued to wind the chain around, welding it on every link. As the chain ends, I had to join the chain to the next one using a link.

Eventually, it becomes significantly taller and starts to look like a fire pit. The view from the side and top with 12 levels of chains.

The next step was to finish off the chains at the top without just ending it harshly so I guided the chain back down to create a double thickness on the lip.

It was then time to attach the legs. Luckily we have a forklift at home so Clint lifted it up to the height we wanted it to sit off the ground and got it level.

After mocking up a number of different designs for the legs I came across one I liked. The chain was welded to fuse the links so they didn’t move until I had the shape I wanted. It was then attached to the side of the fire pit with a heap of welds. Three legs in all, attached to the fire pit. We then lowered the forklift down and with a sigh of relief it all held together.

I then went over the entire structure and welded it ever more to ensure it was as solid as it needed to be. We think its around 70-80kg all up so it’s a whopper! We then flipped it over to finish welding the legs/feet.

It was then ready for action. Here is the finished product in use!

I’m all for a circular economy and using products as long as possible to get as much value out of them as possible. Given the chains were still in great shape they were perfect for this project and will be able to be used for many years to come.

Now to think about what my next project should be….

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