All the garden beds covers are complete!

I recall saying to Clint about two months ago after we finished building the first garden bed cover that I wanted to fast forward to when they are all completed – I guess I was just wishing! Well here we are and over the past couple of months we have constructed 7 garden bed covers. Some of which were huge and required some additions and alterations along the way, given the weight of the doors.

Here are all 7 beds in a range of different sizes and shapes.

Where it all began #1
#2 – identical in size to number 1
#3 – The smallest one working great for my dwarf beans
#4 The second smallest that is looking after the dwarf fruit trees.

I want to say a massive thanks to Clint for doing a heap of the work, all the designing and helping me complete a project that I had only dreamt of which would’ve been impossible to do on my own.

All the garden beds
Freya says hi 👋

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