Birds enjoying the cool change

After a near on 40 degree celsius day yesterday, it was so nice to wake up to a cool morning. We felt like we had a new lease on life, renewed energy and a skip in our step.

The birds all around us were out in force, fluttering around and as happy as we were to not be baking in the sun.

It started with a visit from a yellow crested cockatoo. It is a lovely looking bird and didn’t destroy anything so ill be happy for him to return again.

Yellow-Crested Cockatoo

Then it was the scarlet robin’s and the finches turn to buzz around in quick fashion.

Green Rosella’s were out in large numbers but spend most of their time sitting in the trees and eating.

The last one of our visitors was this greyish black small bird with a blue beak. It was one I hadn’t seen before and can’t seem to find the species so if you are aware, please do make a comment so I can share.

In addition to these birds, the ducks down at the lake were splashing around, the kookaburra’s were laughing and plenty of others were flying around. It seems like they enjoy the cooler change just as much as we do.

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