Growth in the garden

As the end of summer nears, the garden is producing a lot of vegetables and herbs for us to enjoy each night. I often head down to the garden in the evening after work to give it a water and harvest what we need for dinner and lunches. This wire basket is the perfect size to collect what we need and this lot included my two eggs which I get daily from my girls.

After starting to build the garden bed covers (full post on construction details to come because they are the best thing ever!) the pumpkin and runner beans have come back to life and will hopefully start producing soon. I’m just waiting on the potatoes to die off so I can harvest those.

My four zucchini plants are going great guns and give me a zucchini every two days at the moment. Plenty getting eaten and shared with friends and frozen. Cucumbers aren’t far behind with a cuc every 3-4 days. I can’t wait to get the covers built on these beds as the nets can only handle so many repairs from the possums. Its a fight for survival against the possums at the moment.

The tomatoes are very slow this season and are staying green for so much longer than last year. Hopefully these pear shaped beauties will be ripe soon.

The eggplant keeps teasing me with these gorgeous purple flowers so I wait with bated breath to see if any turn into fruit.

Lettuce, purple kale and cucumbers are coming along nicely. The cucumbers produce a lot of fruit given how small the plants stay. These ones below with just four leaves have produced around 4-5 cucumbers already.

This was my first year with a Cape Gooseberries tree and I have a bowl full of berries. I think ill make a jam out of them as they are quite tart to eat on their own. I love how the husk on the outside of the berry slowly loses its shell leaving the veins.

Herbs in the big pot are going great now I have a metal cover over them. Plenty of parsley, basil and mint outside and thyme and oregano growing inside. The rosemary plant grew so tall that I planted it out into a bed in the garden.

I’ve just recently transplanted these bean seedlings into the square garden bed. As long as they don’t poke outside the net the possum isn’t able to get into this bed very easily. I put some of the chicken poo in the base of the bed mixed in with the soil before I planted them so a few shoots from seeds in the poo have popped up with is quite funny. I just pull them out and feed them to the chooks so its an interesting cycle.

Well I’ll be getting back to my studying as I have an exam this afternoon, but the distraction of writing a post was well worth it.

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