Sustainable Learnings

One hope I have for 2019 is to continue to make changes and find ways to create less waste, make more products myself, learn new skills and make choices that are as sustainable as possible. This post includes my learning’s from January.

You can utilise finished toilet rolls by filing them with dryer lint to make fire starters. This uses up two things that were previously not utilised very well and reduces the need to buy fire-starters.

We have finally made the switch from shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles to shampoo and conditioner bars. This is a recent switch so I will update you all in the coming months whether it has been successful but the first few washes have been fine and I don’t have dreadlocks!

Shampoo and conditioner bars

I made a couple of things with my sewing machine. Some new oven gloves as I lost my other ones to the dogs, a handle cover for my cast iron pan which always gets way too hot and a case for my straightener. I am still very much an amateur in this space but I am only going to get better with practise.

I found out that you can go onto this website and cancel your yellow pages book delivery. I’m sure I’m not alone in this and throw mine away each year we receive it so its far better to just not get it delivered. I also receive all of my bills and statements either by email or through our CommBank app.

I also made some paper gift tags using some old shredded paper. After a blitz in the blender with some water and poured over a sheet of fly wire, once it dries out you can cut it up and use it again.

I came across an app called Good on You which rates brands according to their ethical and sustainability practices. This helps me make more informed choices when I do need to purchase new clothing or shoes so I can support brands that are doing the right thing according to the environment, labour and animal welfare.  

On the growing front, I have just harvested potatoes, tomatoes and beetroot. I have also lost a number of plants to possums over the past couple of days as well as two of the four apples I had growing on the deck upstairs. I guess they have just pushed me to build frames with metal mesh rather than just netting as they are real savages.

Newly harvested beetroots
Grosse Lisse Tomatoes
Pink eye and dutch cream potatoes

I also built this crate above using a small pallet that we weren’t using which helps out when harvesting.

I also found a natural deodorant that doesn’t burn me, as apparently I can’t use baking soda directly onto my skin or I get burnt. Yes sunburn type burns under your under arms is not fun! This natural deodorant paste by Black Chicken for sensitive skin has been great and works so well.

We have had so many fires burning across the state over the past month and they don’t seem to be easing up. Everyone is on edge and tracking tfs apps as the fires continue to move. So many have been evacuated so we are very lucky to be quite a distance away from it all. That said, the smoke around the entire state is very thick, you would think the fire was a couple of kms away.

I’ll finish this post here with the escape artist herself, Freya who is now 5 months old.

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