As 2018 comes to a close

As I look back on the past year, it feels like we have lived in Tassie forever, not just a couple of years. We are settled into life in Old Beach and now have the two dogs and four chickens. Freya is now 4 months old and Odin is 18 months.

I have learnt a number of new skills this year and chose to make things that I like rather than just buying them, if I thought I or Clint was capable. Not only has this allowed us to gain skills and save money but it also brings me a lot of joy knowing I’ve made it myself.

I learnt to cook number of new recipes and also about preserving and canning to extend the longevity of the crop.

We finished constructing the sheds in April and have had them full signed off by Council!

We also made the dogs a bed this past weekend out of a pallet and a few pieces of wood we had collected.

Clint has been enjoying his workshop at home and working on cars as well as the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine. The CNC has been exciting to use and can cut both wood and aluminium. You need to be skilled in many areas to use it though from the work that needs to be done first on the computer to design the product and ensure the coding is right before you move to the machine and ensure the speed and parts used on the router are correct. As you’ll see above, Clint was able to make me some garden labels and even a Christmas present below!

He got the Torana licensed a few months back and we are enjoying taking it out for a spin every now and then.

I have grown a lot of food this year but still have a lot to learn before we can become fully self-sufficient. I have started a planting journal so I can accurately track where I have planted seeds and when, so harvesting will become easier and I won’t have plants popping up on top of each other because I forget I already planted seeds in a certain spot. Here are some pictures of the produce from this year.

We saw a number of new locations around Tasmania including Cradle Mountain, Tessellated Pavement, Mt Roland and South Arm. It doesn’t sound like many new places but we really do love spending time at home and enjoying our property.

I did two cooking classes, one at Fat Pig Farm and the other at Agrarian Kitchen and I thoroughly enjoyed both of them immensely. I must book in for some more in 2019 as there are always a number of different events happening.

Our four chickens are free range and are free to wander wherever they want on our 22 acres and they come back when the sun goes down in the evening so I can close the coop door. We get two eggs every day which is more than enough for what we need and every now and then someone from work will get to enjoy them too!

I have so much love for this guy and the life we have created together and look forward to what 2019 will hold for us both.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you all get to enjoy doing the things in life that you truly enjoy and make you happy.

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