Cradle Mountain // Lake St Clair National Park

Last weekend, we travelled up to Devonport for dinner for Clint’s work Christmas party. It was a long drive (3 hours) for dinner but was nice to meet everyone and get back on the road, having not done a long road trip for a while.

On Sunday, we headed to Cradle Mountain. This was our first visit to Cradle as it is quite a detour but definitely worth the visit. It was nice to be back out on the road, camera in hand and weave our way through the winding roads. In no rush, we stopped off at a few lookouts on the way, including Lake Barrington.

The trees and flora change so quickly as you drive along. From bushland to ferns and rainforest and then open plains and moss covered trees.

Barron section on the drive in the Cradle Mountain
Moss covered trees
Cradle Mountain, in the distance

When we finally made it to Cradle Mountain, we were expecting to be able to drive up to Dove Lake. Unfortunately you have to leave your car at the tourist centre and take a bus 20 minutes to Dove Lake.

It was a very wet and rainy day so we didn’t stay as long as were probably might have if it was a clear day. We walked up to the boathouse and a few other spots before heading back to the bus and car.

It is such a nice spot and there are a few hotels up here so hopefully in the winter when its snowing we will be back for more adventures.

Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain
Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain
Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain
Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain
Boat Shed at Dove Lake, Cradle Mountain

On the way out, the weather cleared and we stopped in at the dam in Cethana.

Dam in Cethana
Our touring car, Nissan Skyline 32GTR

One final stop with views of Mt Roland

Mt Roland
Hills surrounding My Roland

Given the amount of rain we have had this year, everything is so incredibly green.

It was a fun trip, and lets hope it isn’t too long until we venture off for another one to unforeseen parts of Tasmania.

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