Summer arrives // Freya is growing

It’s now December and I really don’t know where this year has gone. I started a new University unit this week which gets me closer to completion. I have four units left (20 completed) so hopefully by the end of next year I will finally have that ever allusive degree. It is a long hard slog completing it part time, whilst working full time.

Although it is still relatively cool here, we have had a few warmer days lately and came across a few snakes. One just behind the shed and one down by the lake. Luckily both the dogs weren’t bitten and have been kept within the fenced area most of the time. We didn’t see any snakes last year at all so it was quite scary to see them this year and rearing up to Odin as he chases anything that moves. After some research we worked out that the snakes are called Lowland copperhead, Austrelaps superbus and are venomous. Let’s hope we don’t see any more this year.

After a visit to farm gate market a few weeks back, I purchased a Shittake Mushroom log from Cygnet Mushroom Farm. After watering it each day for about 10 days, this humongous mushroom was created! The log is back being watered and will hopefully keep producing. The mushrooms was chopped up and cooked with some butter and was damn right delicious!


Life with Freya is becoming more settled. When we first got her all of our routines went out the window and we had to take her outside constantly, get used to the early mornings and remember to how to train her, with the distraction of Odin in the background. It took us a good few weeks to get into the swing of things but now she is free to go in and out of the doggie door when she pleases and plays in the backyard whenever she wants. Odin is loving the company and has learnt to play softer given she is still so small. She is definitely more adventurous than Odin was and climbs on everything and jumps off things that are way too high and as a result has had a few sliding squashed faces.

Freya, just the cutest little puppy. 
Clint and the little lady. 

I started a gardening journal in early November to try and track the progress of the vegetables I’m growing. I found that I couldn’t accurately remember exactly when I planted certain things like garlic so was unsure when to harvest. The other issue I had was planting seeds and thinking they had not taken but they just required different conditions which resulted in multiple things popping up in the garden beds which just didn’t fit. Luckily most have coped with re-planting. 

The garlic is in here with some of last seasons potatoes which were obviously left behind and have re-sprouted. 
The rhubarb is flourishing and producing a gluttony of stalks. 
Tomatoes are already producing some fruit so hopefully they start to ripen soon. 
This runner bean was gifted from a colleague at work and is coming along nicely. Work has started a trading area where staff can bring in produce and swap it for things they don’t have. I brought in some spinach and got this bean. Such a great idea!
Baby little ballerina apples are starting to appear. Fingers crossed I can keep them safe from the wildlife. 

I bought this Cape Gooseberry from Farm Gate Market and it was tiny and has since grown about four times its size. The little lanterns which grow the berries inside have started to appear so I’m excited to try these once they ripen. 

With Christmas just a few weeks away, I decided to try to make my own wreath. I haven’t made anything like this in the past but after watching a couple of youtube videos I was ready to make my first attempt. I found a few different trees in the backyard and took some cuttings and this is the result. 

We’ve had a fair few rainy days like this lately. 

After the warm days, the skies are always very colourful. 

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