In the garden // Freya the Beagle

We are now back at work after enjoying an extended long weekend for Hobart show day.  We spent most of the time looking after a new edition to the family. This little lady is Freya and she is an 8 week old beagle.

She has stolen our hearts and keeps us alert. One minute she’s fast asleep and the next chewing a piece of furniture and diving off the couch. I had forgotten how sharp those little teeth are.

In the garden, a lot has been happening. I’ve pulled out most of the brassica’s after the bees had enjoyed all the flowers and planted tomatoes, corn, lettuce, eggplant, celery and cucumbers. I can’t wait for these to be ready to harvest!


The potatoes, garlic, onions and leeks are all growing well and we have spinach (the size of my head), broccoli, carrots, lettuce and rhubarb producing food for the table.

IMG_1915.jpgIMG_1907.jpgIMG_1912.jpgI have also planted the tomatoes as apparently the rule is that you can plant them after show day and we won’t get any more frosts. They get planted with some added calcium which I create by keeping all the egg shells from eggs that we have eaten and blitz them up in the food processor to create a powder. Quite a number of other plants benefit from this too so I generally sprinkle it around the garden beds depending on what I have planted. It is also a great way to use up another product that for most just goes straight in the bin. In my case, my worms won’t miss it.

Clint has also been working on a few projects using his CNC machine and luckily he makes stuff for me too! These wooden garden label stakes look awesome and will hopefully last a lot longer than previous versions that can’t handle the weather. We can also write any vegetable we want on them, so as my produce broadens we can just use the router to make some additional ones.


Well I better get back to puppy watching and playing, which we are taking in turns whilst the other person gets something done. As terrorising as she can be, she really is just the cutest!


Odin is coping well, although he is a bit jealous of Freya getting all the new stuff like this new bed. He’s so big compared to her but I have no doubt when she is older they will be playing all day.




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