Sandford // Launderdale

On our last full day with our visitors yesterday we did a short trip to Lauderdale and Sandford as the day was scheduled to involve a fair bit of rain.

The lookout at Goat’s Bluff in Sandford showed off the clear waters and sheer cliffs. So inviting to go for a swim but would only be accessible by kayak, canoe or boat.


Not too far down the road is South Arm. We decided to detour to South Arm Beach given they were relocating a house by truck on the road which was taking its time. The beach was incredible and covered in shells. Looks like a perfect spot to spend the summer.


On the way back we enjoyed some lunch in Lauderdale. The water looked like a mirror on the drive and is very shallow here. Perfect spot for a paddleboard I think. Lauderdale also has a garden store called Harmony Garden Centre so we stopped in here for a browse and bought a couple of things too.


After driving only a couple minutes down the road, the clouds let loose and it poured with rain. We had a bit of relief when we got home but it is now back and seems to have set in for the night. Lightning and thunder storms in addition to the rain. A nice relief after a fairly warm day. Very unlike Hobart weather to be warm so back to the coolness is good.

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