Kunanyi // Cascade Brewery

We could not have asked for a better day on Saturday to take our visitors up the mountain top. Kunanyi or Mount Wellington is a half hour drive from Hobart up the winding back roads. It was a very respectable 13 degrees at the peak and besides a few clouds and a little bit of smoke from a burn-off it really showed off the views of Hobart and beyond.



What better opportunity than to actually get a few photos of us, which we often forget to do. Here is Clint, Kate and Russell (Clint’s brother).


Clint and I did manage to get a photo too.


After a walk around the mountain, we had burnt off breakfast and were ready for some lunch. Cascade Brewery in South Hobart, which we hadn’t yet been too was a perfect spot to enjoy a few drinks and a meal in the sun with views of the old brewery and Kunanyi in the background.


Lunch was great and plenty more on the menu that Clint could have chosen means we might return back here for a few more times. With ciders and beers to keep us cool and then a Espresso Martini (on tap!) to keep us awake for the drive home it was a complete meal.

We have had a stretch of really warm days lately which has been a nice change but something we really aren’t that used to. May need to get a few long walks in to burn off all this food we have been eating. It is holidays for us though so might as well enjoy our time off.

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