We’ve now entered September and with that brings Spring. The wattle trees on our property are flowering and covered in yellow blossoms. I’m glad to see August behind us as it really is the coldest month of the year for us. We’ve had a heap of rain lately which is good for the tanks but also freezing temps, frosts and heaps of snow on all the mountains. I can’t remember what its like to not wear a jumper, nether lone shorts!

Anyhow, its been a couple of months since my Winter garden update and luckily a lot of it has weathered its way through the cold months. The chickens which I spoke of did return to the coop the following night and happily go to bed when the sun goes down each night without too much fuss. We’ve just got the four, including two roosters, but the two girls are giving us two eggs everyday now so it’s more than enough for us. They are free range chickens and I mean that in every sense. They roam across the land scratching away and keeping themselves happy throughout the day. The main rooster (with the gold neck) is very vocal and has a variety of squarks and crows to keep us very entertained.

IMG_1298 3

2 weeks ago we travelled up the central midlands to Launceston. Its a 2.5 hour drive but not one we do too often. This trip was to buy a quad bike and some seats for the Torana. Both items we weren’t able to source down in Hobart so it was worth a bit of travel. Clearly central Tassie hasn’t missed out on the rain either as fields of green and sheep were a plenty.


Here’s the beast. It has been very handy and has quite a bit of grunt behind it. My main reason for buying it is to transport firewood from the property up to the house. I was getting very sick of carrying an armful of logs up the steep hills with very little to show for it. I purchased the small trailer from a local supplier as the box can only fit so much. It runs well and I’m get the hang of the gears.


The garden has continued to grow and is finally showing me signs of produce ready to harvest. One of my greatest things I have ever grown would have to be this Broccoli Romanesco. Isn’t it just exquisite!IMG_1404.jpg

The carrots have grown a fair bit and I harvest a few every now and then for dinner. The onions are coming along nicely and I have just planted out some more spinach, celery and spring onions. The cabbages and beetroot and coming along nicely but unfortunately my broccoli started flowering so I’ll leave that for the bees to enjoy.

Some of the asparagus spears have finally started to poke out of the crown and the rhubarb is coming along nicely. Just imagine a nice warm rhubarb crumble to enjoy straight from the garden. That is about all that is happening in the garden at the moment as some of the others start to poke through and enjoy the warmth of the sun.

I haven’t talked about Odin much lately but I assure you he is always very close by. A beagle at heart, he doesn’t stop moving and is a very active dog. We are luckily to have 22 acres of land here and we need it with him. He is always running around chasing things and bringing us huge branches and when he’s alone he’ll cry from the gate to make sure we know we’ve forgotten to let him out.

Some exciting news is that Clint’s Torana is ready to be licensed. 14 years in the making but hopefully in the next fortnight it will be taken over the pits and given it’s first number plates. The engineering took some time once Clint found the right person to use but the modification plate is now attached and ready to go. I can’t wait to go for a cruise!


Always plenty happening and lots of jobs to do but we really do love where we live and coming home to this property every day definitely brings us joy.

Here are some colourful skies that we start and end the days with. 

IMG_1267 2.jpgIMG_1338.jpg

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