Skincare Products

As I said in my post a week ago, I am delivering on my promise to write about the beauty products that I use and make myself. I have suffered from psoriasis since I was 6 years old and have been on every diet and tried every skincare product imaginable especially through my younger years when we were trying to find the cause and cure for a skin condition that the doctors, naturopaths & skin specialists could never really pin down.

Since relocating to Tassie and becoming more cognisant and conscious of the products that I am using both in the way of skincare and households cleaning (chemicals) I have slowly been purchasing products after learning more about what they contain and ensuring they are safe to use. I still have a lot of work to do in this space but I also don’t want to just go through my cupboards and throw everything in the bin and start from scratch as I believe that it just wasteful and is going to be even worse for the environment.

The quantity of products I also have in my bathroom cabinets and under the sink have reduced massively as I’ve realised not only had I accumulated a lot of random samples or types of cleaners that were all basically the same product with a different label, I have been able to save money and focus on spending that money on products that are worth every cent in terms of ingredients and suitability.

I wanted to talk about a few of the products that I have found and have been using for some time now so I can definitely say they are great to use and very safe. This post will be focused on skincare products and I will publish a follow-on post very soon about cleaning products.


Clean Slate Skincare – Body Scrubs

I have used both the mandarin, lime and ylang ylang body scrub as well as the coffee scrub and both are just amazing. I find when I’m in the shower using the scrub I will often get some water spray into the product when I’m using it and as opposed to other products that just end up drying out and becoming hard clumps this product stays exactly the same and works so well. The smell is amazing and it aids in reducing inflammation and flushing out toxins. If you want to buy a product, this is the way to go.

Since my glass at Agrarian though, I have been making my own body scrub. You can mix up the ingredients depending on what you like but this is generally the mix I use:

  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp liquid coconut oil
  • Enough salt to fill the container you have chosen. I use a mix of coarse sea salt, Epson salts and pink Himalayan salts but you can just use coarse sea salt.
  • 10-20 drops of essentials oil of choice. I use mandarin. If you don’t have essential oils then you can use the zest of oranges and lemons which adds a great fresh smell.
  • a handful of herbs from the garden chopped up into small pieces. I used rosemary, oregano and thyme as I have these growing.

Mix all the ingredients up in a bowl and pour into your container. It will last 2-3 months but I seem to go through this amount in about a month.

My Magic Mud Whitening Toothpaste

This toothpaste is a black formula and I use the cinnamon flavour which offers deep cleansing, whitening, and polishing and doesn’t have any of the harsh ingredients regular toothpastes do. It contains abrasive food-grade Activated Coconut Shell Charcoal, Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite Clay to remove plaque and whiten your teeth and besides the weird feeling of seeing you mouth black it works wonders. It’s also vegan, GF, Cruelty Free and Non-GMO. Clint is not a fan and thinks its like cleaning your teeth with tobacco, but I like the cinnamon flavour and have gotten used to the weird blackness.

If you read my post about my visit to the Agrarian Kitchen, you will know that I made my own toothpaste from coconut oil, bi carb and peppermint oil. I have been using this interchangeably with the one below as the homemade one is taking me a bit to get used to the taste. It is my hope that once I finish this tube I will be used to the homemade one and not need to replace this one.


Aesop – Mouthwash

I like using mouthwash but have never really liked the alcohol based products. This product from Aesop is an alcohol-free formulation and helps to maintain oral hygiene without disturbing the mouth’s natural balance. It has a strange flavour of mint, spice and liquorice that isn’t too overpowering and I personally like it. It also comes in a glass bottle which I re-use to store other products in once I’ve finished it.


Juniperseed Mercantile – Lip Gloss

I was gifted this vegan lip gloss in sugared peach for Christmas and I’m not usually a lip gloss fan. I guess I still had in my head those horrible sticky lip glosses that we used when we were teenagers. Clearly a lot of work has been done to improve this product as I am a real fan of this particular one. Really nice and light on the lips which I often wear to work.


Go To Skincare – Face Cream & Face Wash

I received a gift set for Christmas a year back. I got the properly clean face wash and pinky-buddy lips and have since bought the very useful face cream and exception-oil. I couldn’t rave about these products more. They smell amazing, work so well and the cream isn’t greasy at all which I find with a lot of other products. I probably use the oil the least and only when my skin really needs it. The lip balm is so nice to use and has a nice nude gloss to it. The positive reviews on the products go to show it’s a great brand and Zoe Foster Blake has a wit about her and use of words in selling them like no other.


Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap

I have been using this soap for many months now and given it can be used for so many different tasks, it is very versatile and useful. There are a range of different scents and I have been using the Cherry Blossom one as a body wash. It foams up really well and always leaves me feeling clean.

Dr Bronner’s Organic Shaving Soap

Another product in the Dr Bronner’s range, this shaving soap has been very successful. Given shaving my legs is always a challenge, this product manages to create a nice smooth glide but also doesn’t hide under a mountain of white cream so I can still see what I’m doing and keep any damage to a minimum. As I wrote in my previous blog, I have been using a safety razor and this soap has been really good to use in combination.

Organic Bamboo Facial Cloths

I bought these from our local Eco store Teros and there really isn’t any need to use disposable wipes when you clean your face every night. These have been used over and over again and get thrown in the wash each weekend and are still like the day I bought them.

Lily Lolo

Not only does this brand have an awesome name (!) but the brushes have been the best I have used. They don’t malt, the quality has far surpassed my expectations, they are vegan and are very easy to wash. I have bought all of these products from The Beauty Edit from Perth as they have the quickest shipping and some really great deals often.

I am also trying out the BB Cream and Mascara which are too soon to rate yet but the eye brow tint and wax is so easy to use and works really well.



I’m sure most of you have arrowroot powder in the cupboard. Probably your pantry though. Did you know that you can make powder, blush and eye shadow by combining just a few ingredients, the base of which is arrowroot powder?

For powder combine 2 tbsp. of arrowroot powder with cacao powder and mica powder. The amounts of cacao powder and mica powder depend on your skin colour. Best to slowly add 1/2 tsp at a time until you reach your desired colour. Blush just requires more mica powder than cacao powder and eye shadow will require a different colour mica powder to your desired eye shadow colour. Here is one that I made that can be used as both blush and eyeshadow.


These are most of the items that I use these days. The rest of the products besides perfumes are either being researched for better and safer replacements or just waiting for my supplies to run lower like my shampoo and conditioner.

If anyone has any other brands or suggestions that you have been using feel free to share and comment below.

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