1 year in Old Beach

One year ago today, it was a few days before Easter, the property had just settled and the keys to our new home were finally ours! What an adventure we have been on over the year and it’s no doubt we have done a lot in just 12 months. Here’s a very quick recap if you missed any of it.

We (Clint) flattened out the land out the front of the house and covered it in mulch. We have built 7 garden beds and have grown a lot of produce. The chicken coop has been built/expanded and is housing 3 very happy chickens. I have a potting bench and a functioning worm farm. The lighting is hung around the outside and a path to the dam was created.

The stairs from the deck down to the garden have been built and I wonder how we ever survived without them! I painted the entire deck and Clint created a doggy door. A couple of acres were also fenced in for the dog and a few access gates added.

Inside, we have changed some of the lighting, introduced warmth through curtains and rugs and brought in a number of plants.

Hanging the TV on the wall in the lounge was a success and building an entertainment unit from scratch. Cameras were also installed around the house to keep an eye on everything.


Introducing Odin our beagle into the family as well as our 3 silkies. Not sure what our life was like before having a dog, he constantly keeps us on our toes.

Building a 3 car garage, a 12m x 18m workshop with solar panels and a carport including electrical, plumbing and significant site works was a mammoth effort.

DSC_0282 (2)

We were also visited by my Uncle Phil and Mum, my sister and brother-in-law Macca and Clint’s mum and step-dad Ken. We also had visits from other friends and I’m sure over the next 12 months we will be visited by a number of others.

What a year! I’m so glad you have been along on this journey with us and I hope you continue to follow along and see what the next years have to offer us.

How spoilt are we being able to enjoy this view everyday from sunrise to sunset.

I couldn’t have done it without this guy and cant believe we have only been together 3 years. Here’s to creating many more memories together.

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