The garden update & introducing our chickens

Having had a few days off work after Easter I’m finally getting time to post again. In a little under a year I am really happy with how the garden has come along given it looked like this and was just short dead grass to begin with.

The 3 large raised garden beds are in full rotating production and have been successfully possum proofed with a few tweaks along the way. I can assure you, a possum is very heavy and uses its weight to stretch the netting to get closer to the produce. Having the cameras setup I can look back at the footage and find out what they were up to and how they get around. Sadly, Odin the Beagle prefers sleeping during the night so isn’t very helpful in protecting my garden. Here they are, prowling around and on top of the tomato netting.

These are the 3 wooden garden beds which currently house tomatoes, chilli’s and broccoli in the bottom one, potatoes, onions and spinach in the left one and zucchini, lettuce, the last of the carrots, one pumpkin which appeared from nowhere and some squash in the back one.


Since then I have added in 2 square beds, one of which has eggplants, chilli and cucumbers and the other has a blueberry and lemon tree having just been finished and netted.

I now also have 2 additional garden beds used from some of the extra colourbond sheets we had from the sheds which have been a great way to use the leftover product and provide me with more room to grow more food. These ones are huge too!

The fruit trees became basically non existent given the possums are savages but I will continue to be persistent in creating a space to protect them.

The chook house has come along nicely and is now housing a few chickens. I bought a structure from Bunnings on sale but didn’t think it was big enough so did a bit of DIY and expanded it. I also included the dog kennel as a place for them to nest and with the lift up lid, it should be easy access when they start producing. I cant wait to have fresh eggs! It looks a bit messy at the moment but I will get it painted up in due course.

DSC_0251 (2).jpg

The chickens are a breed called Silkie Bantum and are 4 months old so should start producing eggs within the next few months.

Odin isn’t too sure of them yet, no wonder as he wouldn’t have ever seen a chicken before and these are unique. Over the last few weeks with some training we I have been able to have them tolerating each other. At the start he just enjoyed watching them through the cage.

Being able to go down and collect produce for dinner each night makes me feel very spoilt and proud of what I have been able to grow. Although I miss going to the farmers markets, I have my own farmers market here in my backyard and who wouldn’t be happy with that result!

Here are a few pics of my nightly offerings including the potato haul from the weekend when I dug up the bed.

DSC_0275 (2).jpg

It looks great and majority of the growing has gone to plan. I’m also thankful for the internet as I really wonder how everyone learnt back in the day as it’s very convenient being able to google ‘when are potatoes ready’ or ‘when do you harvest a pumpkin’ all of which are very new to me.

As I like to do, I’ll finish with a sunset and I hope you enjoy the flurry of updates.


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