The long awaited shed’s

This post has been a long way in the making. After finally receiving Council approval, the concrete pads were poured in early November and we were able to set out and construct Shed #1 – the 3 car garage. I’ve certainly learnt that Clint is a stippler for perfection when he had me on the other end of the tape measure noting that it was 1 or 2mm out. I let him get away with it though and the shed turned out perfectly. Our weekends for the last 4 months have been spent on the construction and the evening daylight hours have also helped.

I slowing learnt what each of the parts are called and even how to operate a forklift. We only have to watch out for Odin given he thoroughly enjoys taking off with a spanner or pencil and so on, just to see us run after him!

We were progressing well but lost an entire weekend when we had torrential rain for 3 days straight, the first 3 days of summer that was!

By the end of the week Clint had progressed well but with an extra pair of hands from his step dad Ken they managed to get a heap of sheeting done in just a few hours.

A couple of days later shed 1 was complete, about a week out from Christmas!


They then moved on to the workshop. An 18m x 12m beast that is bigger than the house!

Ill let the photos speak for themselves here as it progressed. We got a heap done while off work for the Christmas break but it really slowed down when we had to go back to work and only had evenings and weekends. By the end of January the workshop was complete and Clint worked on the insulation and then the guttering which was very fiddly work.

DSC_0282 (2).jpg

Here it is inside, now with the floor painted and sealed, insulation complete and electrical wiring done. Now its the fun bit of getting to move everything out of the container and into the workshop.

It’s now March and we have moved onto the last structure which is the carport and finally the component that I’m allowed to park in! The plumber is working on hooking up all the piping from the gutters to the water tank and we are only getting someone to do this as it’s a requirement from Council to have a licensed plumber complete it. The plumber finished in the third week of March and he did a really great job.

Luckily the carport only has sheeting on the roof, back and one side as the front is open and the other side is up against the house. The less sheeting needed the better and quicker it can be completed!

DSC_0277 (2).jpg

Mid March also saw the installation of the solar panels on one section of the workshop. We are looking forward to finding out how much we can reduce our electricity bill by and hopefully, wiping it out. We haven’t bought the battery for the system as that is a massive cost on top of the system and panels but hopefully down the track the batteries reduce in cost and we can add one onto the system and start to store the power produced.

By the end of the Easter long weekend the carport was sheeted and complete with just a few fiddle bits left including a door in the back corner.

So here’s the recap – 9m x 6m – 3 car garage

DSC_0285 (2).jpg

18m x 12m workshop

8m x 7m carport

There’s always more work to be done including spreading out all the fcr which is currently in piles to even out the ground and cover up all the mud but for now, we are both very happy to be finished sheeting and have the bulk of the work behind us. This post has been 6 months in the making so I hope it’s worth it!

One thought on “The long awaited shed’s

  1. Well done you two the sheds look fantastic after all your hard , you must very proud of yourself.
    Can’t wait for our next visit 😊


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