Welcoming in 2018

As 2017 comes to a close Clint and I have been able to look back at what has transpired over the past 12 months. What a year it has been! Whilst this time last year we had already taken the plunge and made the move, we have since bought a property, settled into our jobs, welcomed a puppy Odin into our lives and started to truly settle into Tassie and become one of the locals.

It really was the year of the house but this property has brought us great happiness as it really is an escape from the city where we both predominantly work. Set on 22 acres of bushland, overlooking the river, hillside and mountains it really is something we are both very proud of.


Although the property didn’t need any work there is still a number of things that we have done to make it our own. From the back stairs to painting the deck and the doggy door, gate and fence for the pooch it has all made our lives easier and more livable. Plenty more plans for the future but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves and complete what is currently in the works. Those sheds aren’t getting built by themselves!

I absolutely love my vegetable beds which are now generating a great amount of fresh produce for our meals.


Clint hasn’t missed out with the storage shed complete, the workshop very close to done and the carport still to be done there is a lot of shed building going on! Below is the boys in the workshop.


Odin the beagle has grown up and is now 7 months old. He’s quite well behaved but does have as rascally side of course. And yes that last photo is not abnormal when he catches us laying down!

Work is going well and I never know what I’m going to find. Even a life size cardboard cutout of the pope was an unexpected find!

We have enjoyed some amazing food from across the state throughout the year. Hobart is certainly bustling with new restaurants opening up very regularly. The latest addition that we experienced was Frogmore Creek City at Macq01 in the lounge- an absolute winner in terms of food, service and I really want to find those green velvet chairs for home!

We have entertained lots of family throughout the year, many of whom have visited Tassie for the first time. We had Clint’s Mum Vicky and her husband Ken here for Christmas which was a nice way to celebrate. It has been amazing to see 2 more of my best friends get married and another baby on the way too.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable New Year and looks towards a positive and joyful 2018. Remember to enjoy the little things in life. I’m really looking forward to cooking more, harvesting produce from my garden, going on some more road trips around Tassie and enjoying time on the balcony with Clint and this view.


Plenty more to accomplish in 2018 including more Uni as finishing my degree gets closer, plenty of wood to collect and chop so we can make it through winter, sheds to finish and all of that’s outside of working full time. I couldn’t have gotten through the year without Clint and I’m so glad we made the move as we have found true happiness here in Tasmania. Here’s to hoping Clint lets me take him out a few more times next year to enjoy good food and drinks like we did below at the Old Wharf Restaurant at Macq01. Happy New Year to you all 🎉

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