Progress at Home

Having been in our house for 7 months now, we certainly haven’t been sitting very still. I’m sure if you have been following along, you will have seen the fencing and garden taking shape, prep work for the sheds and a whole heap more, mainly for Odin (doggy door, gates).

Our latest projects (yes we always have a few on the go at once) have been an outdoor staircase, painting the deck and some floating entertainment shelving. Our ideas are often big but it means we get a lot done in a very short timeframe.

Ill start with the staircase out the back. Clint has certainly proven that he is as good working with wood as he is with metal and the amount of use these stairs get it has certainly proven to be a very useful project.


Moving onto the deck. I had this great idea a few weeks back that I want to paint the deck black. I felt the different woods inside and outside just didn’t match very well and with the white house, the black deck would look good. I started with the deck on the balcony outside our bedroom to start with and just to make sure it didn’t look horrible as it would be far easier to change 6.5m2 rather than the 40sqm downstairs. After sanding it all back I gave it a few coats of the black deck paint and really loved the results. The paintbrush work of having to paint in between all of the boards was fiddly and very time consuming but it really makes the difference.

Before ->

After ->

I then moved to the bottom deck. Thinking back now, it was a huge project that I had in my head would only take me a few days over the weekend. Sadly I was mistaken and 3 weekends in total later the remaining 40m2 of deck has now been completed. I still have the handrail to sand and paint to match the stairs but that’s a small job in comparison.

Before ->

After ->



The latest indoor project were the shelves under the TV. When Clint bought the new 4K TV (apparently a must when you have a 4K compatible Xbox) I asked whether we could get a bracket to hang it on the wall. That idea grew to involve all the cabling being hidden in the wall (awesome) and some shelving underneath. Clint has become quite a fan of the steampunk look so created this awesome floating unit with 2 pieces of Black Heart Sassafras that we bought from a local supplier down in Margate.

On the shed front, progress was certainly swift once we received the final approvals through from the Council and the concrete pads and piers were poured. We are now at the stage of laying all of the different parts out and working out which ones go where. Its like building an Ikea table but 100 times worse and with drills instead of allen keys!

How good are our cameras though, can’t complain about the quality and we can check in on the property from our mobiles any time of day or night or in this case from bed early on a Saturday morning.

The rascal of a pup is as active as ever. Here he is moping around after his desexing operation. Poor little thing 😦

Since then he continues to keep us on our toes and as he grows taller we have to be more aware of what he can reach so he doesn’t steal a steak off the kitchen counter again…..He also likes to lay on the bed and take up as much room as possible.


My garden is finally getting some really good growth happening. I now have snow peas, lettuce, carrots and spring onions which I harvest as I need them. The potatoes are going gangbusters as with the rest of the onion crop. The beetroot, celery and a few zucchini plants have also popped up recently. The nets are working well to keep the possums out but unfortunately Odin seems to think they are a great trampoline to jump on.

I have built a couple of new garden beds recently which are ready for the tomatoes I’ve grown from seed and a few other things I’m looking to buy from one of the local suppliers.


Well that’s a wrap for now. I’m now enjoying a drink having completed exams for Uni for another semester. Hopefully now, just one year left!

One thought on “Progress at Home

  1. You guys are doing a great job. Looks very professional 😊Odin is such a cutie and I’m sure he will continue to be a rascal for a while 🐶🐶. Hello to you and Clinton, we will get over soon i hope.


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