A year in Hobart

On one hand a year has flown by and on the other it feels like we’ve lived here for a long time. The last year sure has been a massive learning curve but one that I have thoroughly enjoyed and couldn’t have done without Clint by my side.

A year ago today, we disembarked the Spirit of Tasmania in Devonport and headed South to start out new life in Hobart. Thinking back, we were very optimistic and thought finding a rental would be a piece of cake coming from the Perth market but boy did we underestimate the demand Hobart was experiencing in the rental market then, and still now, a year down the track. We got through it though, jumping between a range of different short term accommodation options and Airbnb properties before being given a temporary property from my boss only a few days into my new job. If this was going to be an example of the good deeds of the people we would be interacting with then we knew we would settle down soon enough.

12 months has now passed and we are home owners with 22 acres of bushland only 20 minutes from Hobart. Fellow Hobartians or Taswegians depending on who you speak to gasp at the thought of travelling so far to work every morning but we just laugh it off! I love being able to escape home to the quiet and the space that we can enjoy, especially when we have this view to enjoy every single day.

The yard is slowly being transformed both front and back. My garden is taking shape and I’m adapting to the wildlife and working out ways to keep possums away but have lost quite a number of plants and trees in the process.

Clint’s sheds are finally moving along with all the materials for the large workshop and the carport delivered and the pad for the shed ready to be poured. The concreter is booked in for this week so hopefully that will be done by the weekend.

Odin our Beagle is always keeping us on our toes and loving being able to run free. He’s very vocal though and likes to voice a little growl if he doesn’t get his way so hopefully its just the dog version of a toddler stage.

My work is a strange one. Not just the variety of work that pulls me in a range of different directions but also the fact that its a Catholic organisation and I’m not religious at all. Running into the Archbishop in the hallway isn’t uncommon but I’ve gotten used to it and all the people I work closely with aren’t trying to evangelise me, thank god! (haha)

It’s crazy to think how quickly the months have disappeared given how slow they feel when I’m wading through the enormous amount of Uni work each night. Daylight savings has taken effect which is great to get things done after work each night but it also means that my 6-8pm Curtin Uni class now runs from 9-11pm 😦

We’ve done a lot of work around the house with the latest installation being the stairs outside. I’ve learnt that Clint’s just as skilled with wood as he is with metal.

Clint also cooked his first meal ever and I can’t wait to get him cooking some more!

It has been a whirlwind of a year and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m so glad Sam and Macca have now been able to visit and see what we fell in love with and experience it for themselves.

I’ll finish with some of my favourite places in Tassie that I’ve love spending time at including the Hobart waterfront, Gordon dam, Mt Wellington and even a video from Mt Field.




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