Central Highlands // Poatina // The Great Lake

We made a rash decision this morning to go on a road trip. We had planned to get some stairs finished but ran out of wood and haven’t been able to get anymore delivered until mid-next week.

We headed up the middle of Tasmania, the central highlands. Given we’ve had a heap of rain lately its finally changed the landscape and everything is now green and lush.


Plenty of sheep and little lambs running around in the paddocks and why wouldn’t they be happy with that grass to feed on!


On the road we came across this little guy who became very shy once we got up close and turned into a ball of spike.



The roads were winding and without realising we had been gradually climbing uphill we saw the view from the other side from a top of a mountain just near Poatina.


Once you get to the bottom you can see the hydro power plant down the side of the mountain. DSC_0285.jpg

We of course had the off road vehicle back in action and on these winding roads it was great for handling. DSC_0313.jpgDSC_0227.jpg

After a detour on the unsealed roads we came across the Great Lake. It was huge and so incredibly blue on the gorgeous day that we had. Yes we had a high of 18 degrees today which felt like 30 for us because it hasn’t gotten this warm in a while.


The surroundings change very quickly around here. From hedge lined streets to bushland and rivers, mountains and then rainforest. Over the course of the day we get to experience it all.


More hydro power pipes.


Here is the map of where we travelled. A good day trip to visit a number of suburbs we haven’t seen before.


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