Spring is in full swing and the days are getting warmer

We may be 3 weeks into Spring but it’s finally feeling a bit warmer and the birds are out enjoying the change in seasons. We’ve had a heap of finches flying around lately but they’ve also had a few frights when Odin sees them.

All of our work on the house lately seems to be for Odin but luckily its all worth it and makes our lives easier too. The latest addition is a gate on the end of the verandah to keep him inside. It was a strange size so nothing could be bought off the shelf but luckily between the two of us (mainly Clint) we managed to buy all the supplies and create the gate ourselves. A good mornings work and looks like its always been there especially give its been painted white to match the house.

As we are now settled in the house we are making a few changes to the fixtures and fittings to suit our tastes. The orange enamel pendant light in the stairwell has been taken down and replaced with this acorn style one which looks much better.

I have added a few new plants to my collection inside including a couple of types of ferns and a mother in laws tongue (snake plant). My fiddle leaf fig is extremely unhappy at the moment because its just been too cold but according to the nursery I’m not the only one and once it warms back up and stops becoming frosty every night it should come back. Fingers crossed!

All the potatoes have now popped up and hopefully are growing big potatoes underground. At least these are one vegetable I wont have any trouble getting Clint to eat. The seeds I planted in the other bed are slowly starting to sprout their heads above the soil. We’ve had plenty of rain lately which has been great so I haven’t needed to give them any water.

We were in Melbourne for a family birthday dinner last weekend so Odin went to a colleague of mines place for a couple of nights as they have a Beagle too. He came home extremely tired and worn out but has been surprisingly well behaved since his return. Perhaps he realised how good he has it here and has allowed us to leave him in the main part of the house throughout the day now without the worry of him eating everything. Here is the spoilt boy visiting us in bed yesterday which only happens once a week.

Well given it’s only been a couple of weeks since the last update we don’t have much else write. We did find a cafe in Old Beach yesterday which was rather funny given we were always saying we wish we had a cafe in Old Beach where we live and then there was this cafe that has apparently been there the whole time. Woops, but good to know that we don’t have to drive very far for a cooked breakfast.

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