The latest update from Tassie

I cant believe its been over a month since my last post. I’ll start with an update about Odin as he seems to rule our life at the moment. He’s now 4 months old and has had all his vaccinations so he can interact with other dogs, not that he gets much of a chance on 22 acres. The first vet visit went really well. The second also went well until we were driving home and he spewed all over me. That part was not fun but they did warn us it could happen.

He has all the typical beagle characteristics of running with his nose down but Clint has trained him well enough to come back when called. He’s a fast runner but we haven’t seen him run after any of the local wildlife yet which is surprising given they are always very close to the house.

He will chew anything and everything he can get too so we’ve had to keep a constant eye on him especially as he is growing and becoming more inquisitive. The latest newfound ability was being able to climb onto the dining chairs and then onto the dining table and wander around. I’m worried what the next thing will be.

He has 3 main faces that we see: Face #1 – Naughty face with stolen item in mouth. In this case its a water bottle but its often a remote, xbox controller, shoe or sock. You get the drift and he just thinks its all fun and games.


Face #2 – Sleeping face. Finally some peace and he’s so cute, I wish he slept all the time.


Face #3 – What, I’m comfy. What’s wrong with sitting here…Um, Clint cant move?


After doing a bit of research and getting some quotes for doggy doors (I’m sorry but we are not paying $1000 to get one put in one of the glass panels) we came to the conclusion that putting one in the wall should be possible. Last weekend Clint hacked up the walls, rather neatly though, and managed to construct a walkway through the wall. It looks great and after a bit of training, with food of course, Odin is now happily running in and out of it and going to the toilet outside without our intervention.

On the gardening front, we have finally started to get some rain over the past couple of weeks. Before that we had little to no rain hit the tank and had already bought 2 truckloads of water. The seedlings are now thriving and the other seeds I planted including some potatoes have started to sprout their heads above the soil. Hopefully over the next couple of months I’ll have some vegetables to eat, which makes me really excited.

On the shed front we had our development application approved, the first stage in many of being able to construct the sheds, yes plural. Luckily we now have all the information we need to get the last lot of building and plumbing approvals through and get the concrete poured so the construction can begin. Clint is itching to get the container emptied and be able to work on his cars again. I’m pretty sure mum and Vince will be happy to get Clint’s other 2 cars out of their sheds too!

Work for me has been ridiculously busy as we prepare a construction program to deliver on 120 new houses in the next 2 years and another 200 odd in the 3 years after that. It’s all systems go at the moment to get everything underway before the ED goes on holiday for 5 weeks. As busy as we all are though the team we have are great and just work seamlessly to get everything done. We might be missing lunch breaks and powering through but the successes we are achieving are well worth all the effort. The boss has even given me a few days off in lieu of not being paid overtime so it all balances out in the end.

Last weekend we decided to go out for dinner. I chose this new restaurant called the Old Wharf Restaurant which is in the new Macq01 building on the Hobart waterfront. They have done an amazing job of rejuvenating this building and creating a real sense of warmth in combination with all the history that these old wharf sheds hold.


It was nice to get a bit dressed up and sit down for a meal and chat without Odin eyeing off every mouthful of food that leaves our plate. The food was just delicious from the quail entrée to Clint’s steak and my pasta. The servings were very decent and we were so full that we couldn’t even fit in dessert. Terrible really but it just means we’ll have to come back again and plan better next time. The wine I had was a very nice Tasmanian Pinot Grigio and thankfully they served spirits which made Clint very happy. Photo proof and all!


In the home our curtains have now been installed and I’m so happy with how they turned out. It’s such a vast space to cover and has made such a difference to the warmth of the room. We also got our bedroom upstairs done and it’s done wonders for our sleep.


I also bought this gorgeous vintage 1930’s hand knotted Persian Maslaghan wool rug which I just adore. It’s upstairs in the bedroom so Odin can’t get near it unless we are in the room.

Clint has also installed security camera’s around the house and outside for added protection, especially once the sheds are built. Mainly at the moment they are being used to remotely monitor Odin and we will be able to watch any progress on the sheds remotely too.

My worms are still going strong and eating through all the kitchen scraps. This was them before I topped up the food supply.

An update from my last post I am happy to conclude that my decluttering and minimising was a success and has continued through to August and September as well. Some items I have put up for sale have sold quickly and others take a bit more time. I’m patient though and am happy with making sure all the items I keep have a use or make me happy. I’ve sold 54 items on Ebay and another 4 large items on Gumtree locally. I’ve also donated a heap of items to local charities that haven’t sold online but are still very good quality. Reducing all this clutter and clothing that I am just not wearing and is not bringing value to my life has created space in my mind that can be better used and spent on more meaningful experiences and conversations.

As usual, I will end this post with some sunsets from the balcony.

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