Gardening, Fencing & Minimising Clutter

Last weekend work continued on filling the raised garden beds. After an enormous amount of research to find out an easier way to fill the beds without a truckload of soil we came across a few people that had filled the bottom with hay. It does break down over time but by that stage I should have more soil and compost to add in. Luckily where we live we are surrounded by farms so only needed to drive a couple of minutes down the road to buy these bales off one of the locals. $6/bale seems like a pretty good price too and they were very easy to handle and fit perfectly across the bottom.

I then shovelled dirt for hours and finally topped it with some good soil. Reticulation was laid out and connected up with dripper/weeping line laid throughout the bed for watering. After adding in some water crystals and fertiliser it was ready for planting.

I already had some seedlings inside that I had grown from seed in the living room in a grow box so they were all planted in. At the front are snow peas followed by red onions, brown onions and spring onions and potatoes right at the back.

The net was then re-attached and secured with the hope that it will keep this big possum below out. He has been wandering around on the balcony lately looking for food as he demolished my entire succulent bowl last week. Very inquisitive and comes up very close as you can see from my photo. Odin on the other hand was completely oblivious and wondered what all the fuss was about that interrupted his sleep.


Clint has been working hard on the fence and is almost done. He has put in a massive effort over so many weekends and I’m sure he’ll be glad when its done. It ended up being a lot bigger space than we first envisaged. Hopefully it will keep Odin busy whilst we are at work and it will keep the wildlife out as much as possible away from my garden. That said, I’m pretty sure Odin just sleeps all day as he has so much energy when we get home so we will likely just find him on the balcony looking down – his favourite spot.


Odin has been as spoilt as ever and even got to visit us in bed on Saturday morning when we didn’t want to get up yet.

Between my University semesters (yes I passed another 2 subjects!) I have been spending some time reading about a more minimalist life and the approach other people have to how much stuff they own. Before moving interstate I sold a heap of stuff but between us we still own a hell of a lot of items. Items though that haven’t been used or worn since we moved (9 months ago!). The interesting thing that I have learnt is that we often hold onto these things because of the value that we perceive they have because of the money that we spent on them and not actually the worth that they are giving us at this point in our lives. “Does this item bring you joy” or “do you use it regularly” are often the questions to ask. That worth in this case may be completely non-existent because something isn’t getting used and just sits in storage. Don’t worry Clint, I’m not touching the Torana or your tools.

I have started to go through the house, especially that storage room under the stairs as well as my wardrobe to find out what items are just sitting around not being used that I can sell whether on eBay or Gumtree. My aim at the start of July was to sell 31 items for the 31 days in July. It seemed like a big ask but I have been tracking well. So far I have sold 19 items of clothing, 1 pair of shoes, 3 items of jewellery and 2 bags on eBay. I really like the fact that I’m not just making money (which is great!) but knowing that these items can go to new homes rather than eventually landfill is even better.

My thinking as a consumer has also changed. Not only do I not impulse buy anymore I ensure that I am buying quality over quantity. I also try to buy local from Tasmanian stores and if not possible I use eBay for those people that are doing the same as I am, selling items that have only been worn a handful of times thereby saving me a lot of money rather than paying full price. Hopefully by changing some habits and researching and purchasing from ethical companies will make a small change.

I have seen a lot on social media lately about “Plastic Free July” and ways in which you can change your ways at home and work. Changes have included carrying around my water bottle to refill and reusable coffee cup, bringing my own shopping bags when food shopping, bringing paper bags to the shops and farmers markets to fill with fruit and vegetables rather than using single use plastic bags and buying more from bulk food stores and storing those goods in glass jars at home. Small changes that have become the norm and a habit for me in such a short amount of time. I also found out that Coles have a plastic recycling bin at their stores so for the plastic that I inevitably end up purchasing I ensure I keep it all and place it in the bins when I’m on my way into the store.  Hopefully if you are reading this and still use a lot of plastic you can change your ways even slightly to reduce the plastic waste being taken to landfill.

I’ll leave it here with some words that have really resonated with me lately from minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus in which they say “love people and use things, because the opposite never works”.


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