Road Trip North & Odin the Beagle

On the first weekend in July we got up early and hit the road as we were heading north to Launceston. The reason for our trip was to look at a beagle puppy. We have been keeping an eye out for beagles as it was one of the only breeds we could agree on being suitable and previous ads for beagles were snapped up fast.

It was a freezing drive. We were already in sub-zero temps when we left home so when we headed further inland it got colder and colder. I think it dropped to as low as -7°c and the heater was cranking until we could feel our fingers and toes again. The fields were frozen and the fog was thick.


There are amazing roads out this way. I’ve missed being on the road since our trip across Australia last year and there is always so much to look at and take photos of including a  steaming lake just being touched by the sun.


We had a quick pit stop in Campbell Town and almost froze. It was seriously cold. I think this was the first time I had experienced temperatures this low and I couldn’t feel my feet or hands or face.

Upon arrival in Launceston (around 2.5 hour drive from Hobart) we had the very hard decision of choosing a puppy. They were all kept inside in front of the fire so they were very sleepy and a little playful. We did make a decision and asked as many questions as we could think of before heading for the car. Odin the Beagle was now a part of the family and managed to wee on me within the first 2 minutes of the drive. Thank goodness for the toilet pad on my lap so I wasn’t wet on the drive home.

He slept the entire way home. We stopped off in Campbell town on the way back for some lunch but he just wanted to huddle on Clint’s lap, sleep and keep warm. We swapped positions and I drove the rest of the way home as I could finally feel my feet. On arrival at home he kept sleeping. After a few google searches we found out as a puppy he apparently needed at least 18 hours sleep at this age. He sure does love to sleep.

He slept surprisingly well the first night and we only needed to get up at 4am to let him out for a toilet break. The second night involved a fair bit of crying but once he finally got to sleep he slept through to 5am. This was looking positive – let’s hope for 6am tomorrow right? We put on a lamp and a radio the following night and he slept really well after a little cry to start with. As the nights have gone on through the week he has done really well and doesn’t really cry too much, perhaps a little whimper to let us know he doesn’t like bed time when he isn’t on our lap or the couch wrapped in the good blankets but really we cant complain.

I found out last week that Clint may not enjoy shopping generally but when it comes to pet supplies he is in his element. Yes this photo below is Odin wearing a coat. A flano sheepskin coat and I’m sure you agree, he looks adorable! He’s slowly getting used to it but we take it off a lot so he doesn’t get too annoyed by it. It’s doing the trick and keeping him warm at night so that’s the main thing.

Those big ears…..


On Monday some socks arrived in the mail. That’s weird, these look rather small and there’s four of them. Oh dear, sorry Odin. Yes another purchase by Clint and it was rather hilarious. They stayed on fine when we had treats and were distracting him but as soon as he had free rain they didn’t last long and were drowned in slobber. If only they didn’t annoy him and then we could put them on when he needed to go outside so we didn’t need to wash his paws every time we got back inside.

This is his comfy spot. Not for Clint but definitely for Odin. Anywhere that means he’s at the highest point. I think it’s a dog thing. He’s now 10 weeks old and growing.

Clint has been really great at training him and taking him for runs and toilet breaks so hopefully as the weeks continue he learns more and more. He’s realised his name is Odin and has sitting down pat. He’s basically mastered waiting for treats and can drop when sitting on carpet. He does though chew on anything and everything he can get his face near so we have to be continually on the ball, especially when I’m out in the garden as you’ll see in the video below.


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