Dark Mofo Winter Festival 🔥

Winter has certainly set in in Hobart with barely a degree registering on the thermometer and ice covering the windscreens most mornings.

But with winter comes the Dark Mofo winter festival. Funny name and you wouldn’t expect anything less from the owners of MONA Museum. 

Situated at the pier just near Salamanca they had enormous red neon signs surrounded by huge metal pyramids shooting fire from the tops.

Upon entry there were hundreds of hanging tubes changing colour with more of the fire shooters. 

We then ventured inside the building and it was just incredible. Hanging lights, long tables covered in candles. It reminded me of those meals they have on Vikings.

There were food and drinks stalls down each side of the warehouse and so much to choose from it was hard to make a decision.

They had musicians sat up the top in a little opening at the end of the building. 


Outside the space was even larger. They had hundreds of fire pits keeping everyone warm as groups of people huddled around the flames. 

A lot of barbecued meat outside, huge paellas, drinks and cocktails and of course desserts. Plenty more red light installations outside too.

The VIP’s hadn’t arrived yet but they surely decked out there section.

Overall after enjoying some dinners and a few drinks sitting around the fires and listening to the live music it was a great night out. The festival has a heap of other shows and things on around the city so perhaps next year we will venture out more. It’s on for another week so we can always come back next weekend. 

It is great to see the whole city get on board. The shops in Hobart stay open over the long weekend because of the increase in tourists visiting and all the shops also change the light globes inside and outside the shops and offices to be red too. 

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