Living in the Country

It’s been a few weeks since my last post and we’ve been very busy to say the least. At home we are in the middle of fencing off a portion of land (about a quarter acre) around the house. We want to get a dog but really need some fences to keep them safe before we find the right puppy. This should also keep some of the wildlife out of the area that I’m looking to build my vegetable garden in too. I’m sure the animals can happily spend their time in the other 20 odd acres of land.

We also hired a skid steer positrack to level out the land for my garden and undertake some repairs to the long driveway. Whilst we had it we also took the opportunity to create a walkway down to the dam. Here are the before, during (including an evening of rainfall – muddy!) and after shots.


The pathway (or slipway at the moment) down to the dam is taking shape and work has begun on bordering it with some logs down the sides. With the rainfall last night the clay it turned to slippy mud as I quickly found out. My gumboots are becoming daily attire on the weekends these days.


I spent some time this afternoon stacking wood under the house as we had to buy a small load of wood to get us through. We have an endless supply of trees on the property but everything is so wet that it just isn’t burning. This lot should tide us over given winter is starting this week.

The birds and wallabies (or pademelon’s as we’ve found out) have been happily eating away right by the verandah on the weekend.


We’ve also managed to take the Skyline out for a drive which means I get a chance to snap a few pictures of the view on the way which we get to enjoy every morning. From Old Beach then over the Bowen Bridge you can see the clouds sitting low on the mountains.

old beach.jpgtasman bridge.jpgcloudy mountains.jpg

A few trips to stock up on food at Salamanca and Farm Gate farmers markets to pickup some veggies, herbs, mushrooms and tulips. I also purchased a quince but am still trying to work out how to cook it or what to make with it.

hobart building.jpg     

Plenty more to do but we are back to work tomorrow so most of it will have to wait until next weekend. 



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