Wildlife, baking and frosty mornings ❄️

We’ve been living in our new place for 3 weeks now, although it does feel like a lot longer. All the family have now headed back to their warmer pastures so it’s the first weekend since we moved that we’ve had the place to ourselves.

It’s so different living on acreage. Ridiculously quiet and with the added chill in the air and cloud cover most mornings these autumn days are quite peaceful. 

The added drive to work hasn’t been bad as it’s a rather scenic drive and only 20 minutes all up so nothing to complain about. The drive home has been a little more challenging though as it’s dark and the wildlife seem to come out of the bushes and run rampant on the back roads. Wallabies, rabbits and possums are everywhere but I’ve been fortunate so far and good at dodging them. Clint also bought me some better spotlights for my front bumper and installed them today which will help a lot so I can see something as street lights are non existent out here.

On our block, the wallabies are quite happy bounding around and eating away often quite close to the house. Too close though is the resident possum that seems quite happy chewing on and consuming all of my herbs and plants. I noticed a few nibbles one day but then the next day it must’ve had a midnight feast and stripped almost every plant I had. As you can see below it left the stalk but just chewed all the leaves off, how kind. 

It doesn’t seem to be a fan of onion and hadn’t eaten the thyme yet so I decided to bundle up and harvest the thyme before it disappeared. 

I’m in the process of planning and designing my edible garden and taking into account the local wildlife will have to become a key aspect in the design to keep them out. 

With a bit more time on my hands and a new recipe for crumpets from the fat pig farm I whipped up a batch of very moorish crumpets for breakfast on Saturday morning. With only 5 ingredients they are very easy to make but just need some patience while the batter rises.

I lathered mine in butter and topped it with some local jam. A strawberry jam from the coal river farm and an apricot jam from the fat pig farm. Both were just delicious. Clint had peanut butter and was happily content with his choice. 

On Sunday we had a relaxing day, mostly spent inside out of the rain and in front of the fire. I whipped up some butter which was surprisingly easy to do and tasted great with a touch of salt added. 

After making the butter I had some buttermilk which is the result of the butter making process as its drawn out to create the thick buttery consistency. I didn’t want it to go to waste so I made a cheesy bread with chives, parmesan and mozzarella. Now we have fresh bread and butter- just heaven really.

On the menu for dinner tonight was beef ribs as I’ve been dying to try out my slow cooker that my mum and uncle bought me before they departed. They cooked in a barbecue marinade and spent 4-5 hours cooking. Here they were before the cook. 

After a nice long cook they literally fell off the bone and glistened. They were delicious with a nice warm slice of bread.

Well the weekend is coming to an end now. It’s been a productive weekend as I’ve also submitted my final 2 assignments for the semester so I can now focus on preparing for exams. Time for another mad week at the office and it’s looking pretty dark and stormy at the back so I have no doubt we’ll have a heap more rain tonight. 

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