Mt Field National Park

Today we went out through New Norfolk to Mt Field National Park. The Autumn colours on the way out there are just stunning ranging from the yellows through to the dark reds.

Hillside.jpgAutumn Trees.jpgTrees.jpg

On arrival, the temp gets cooler as we venture into the rainforest. The first of the waterfalls is Russell falls as doesn’t take long to wander up there. 

Waterfall.jpgWaterfall 2.jpg

After a climb up the stairs you come to Horseshoe falls. It’s so nice to just stand up there listening to the water crash onto the rocks below. 


The colour of the trees below all covered in moss is so bright. I even found a mushroom growing out of one of the branches 🍄 

Moss Trees.jpgMushroom.jpgMossy Rocks.jpg

The view from the top of the waterfall looks great and even though there were plenty of tourists around you felt like you were alone in the park. 

Top View.jpgShelter.jpg

Driving up the winding roads through the tall trees, towering swamp gums and past the lookouts we made it up to Lake Fenton. It was freezing up there being so high above sea level. Almost unbelievable that this huge lake being a catchment that supplies almost 20% of Hobarts drinking water is this high up on a mountain.

Lake Fenton.jpg

Oh yes last but definitely not least I can’t forget to mention the treeman, yes I found him. Brought this one home with me too! 

One thought on “Mt Field National Park

  1. Such a Beautiful place 🤗🤗
    It’s amazing what you can find in the bush I’m glad you took the tree man home 😂😂


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