Entertaining visitors from the mainland

After just a couple of days in the new house we are entertaining visitors. My uncle Phill arrived on Wednesday and my mum arrived on Friday afternoon. At this rate we’ll have to start a booking calendar.

We went into town this morning to Salamanca markets so they could wander around and enjoy buying a few things. We had a really nice breakfast at the Retro Cafe and the food and coffee were very tasty.


After looking at all the stalls we ventured off into some of the alleyways and bought some cheese from the Bruny Island Cheese Co. Its such a small shop tucked under some stairs but I really like how it’s setup and even with the stools and bench out the front.


After a trip back to the car to drop off our goods we wandered down the waterfront to the pier as my boss Tim was taking us out on his boat for a trip out on the river derwent.

He has this gorgeous yacht which has a great motor which was perfect for today when the winds weren’t strong enough for the sails. He took us around the river and was a fantastic guide telling us some of the local knowledge about the houses and their owners which was very entertaining not just for our visitors but us too.

BoatBoat SailFenders

He pulled in to each of the piers so we could get a closer look at the buildings, other boats and we even passed the Mona Roma ferry coming in to pick-up some passengers.

Brooke Street PierMona Roma

There were a few groups out on the water paddling, let’s hope they were rugged up as it was a lot colder on the water out there.


We went right down under the bridge and saw a seal frolicking in the water. He must’ve been a little scared as he disappeared when we got closer.

Tasman BridgeRiver Derwent

We got dropped back to Hobart waterfront and enjoyed a meal at one the restaurants on Elizabeth St. A busy day but a fun one. A good way to start showing off Tasmania to my family. I’m sure there will be plenty more to come.

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