Moving into our new home

We are both very happy to report that settlement for our property went through without a hitch on Wednesday. After work we packed up a carload and went up to the house for a celebratory drink. We still can’t believe this place is ours, the view is just amazing.

Mountain View.jpg

As Thursday rolled around we worked all day then picked up a truck that we would be using for the weekend. We spent the night packing a heap in the truck and my car and pulling apart the last few things still left assembled.

Friday was a mammoth effort! After unloading our first truckload we packed another load and emptied it all by 1pm. We managed to fit it one more load before calling it a night. We had some dinner, watched a little tv and then ventured upstairs to our bedroom. Yes, the stairs were a killer. If anyone was looking they would’ve thought two cripples were climbing up the stairs. It was nice to just lay in bed and look down the valley at all the lights, it looks like we live in the city but it’s far from it.

As Friday rolled around we emptied the truck and then headed back down the hill for a truckload from the shed. Everything in there always seems to be really heavy and awkward to move. I’m just glad we had the tail lift otherwise I’m not sure how we would’ve got some of those benches out of there. Once we arrived back at the house I started putting some of the house contents together while Clint sorted out the shipping container which is his temporary shed until the shed is built. After we dropped the truck back I dropped Clint off to drive the Skyline up to the house. After driving the truck and his work van for so long he sure did enjoy driving the Skyline for a change. I brought the bins in – country style! 

I have spent the last couple of days unpacking boxes and moving furniture, assembling and making beds and filling so many cupboards but I am almost done. The house is starting to come together and we are able to enjoy the house and view and everything that comes with living on acreage in the country.

We have been enjoying the wood fire for the last couple of nights and it keeps the house so warm!

We went for a wander around the block last night to rescue the drone that Clint was flying around, which we eventually found stuck in a tree. I’m not exactly sure where our boundary ends and the neighbours starts but I guess that isn’t uncommon with 22 acres. We have a great big dam just down from the house and quite a few deep valleys which look like the might turn into a stream once winter hits. I can’t wait to see it all green and everyone is saying it won’t take long.

Well I’ve spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon baking banana & walnut bread and a roast for dinner because I love this kitchen so much! As I conclude this post I’ll leave you with a few more photos of the house and yes there are so many windows.

Dining Room.jpgMain Bedroom.jpgKitchen.jpgKitchen 2.jpgBalcony.jpg

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