Preparing to move again! 

I feel like we’ve only just unpacked and here we are again packing up the house to move. But this time is different as we have bought and this move will be far more permanent. 

We managed to find someone on gumtree with some free boxes 📦 so I have spent most of the weekend wrapping and bundling and boxing up everything that isn’t needed for a couple of weeks. I have progressed very quickly I think and have most of it done. I must say I am pretty glad that I’m not having to flat pack everything and crawl around in a container to find the best way to tetris the boxes so this move shall be a lot easier. 

I’ve put the grandma curtains back up for the lucky new tenant to enjoy 😳 or perhaps they’ll just do what we did and put them away in the cupboard. That said, they sure are making us laugh each morning we come out and look at them. So pretty! 

We woke a little later on Sunday and enjoyed an extra hours sleep in because daylight savings ended and we wound back our clocks an hour and because sleep is always worth every extra minute why not enjoy the extra hour in bed. 

After we dragged ourselves out of bed we went down to the Hobart waterfront for breakfast and enjoyed eggs benedict and a coffee. As Clint has become quite the eggs benny connoisseur and he rates this one a 9/10 it was worth another visit. I’m pretty sure the only reason it didn’t get full points is because he knows he hasn’t eaten it everywhere and he has to leave room for someone to top it. It sure did go down a treat and although the place was busy inside and out they were quick in the kitchen.

The cafe is situated in a great spot near Brooke St Pier and we enjoy sitting outside in the sun which is nice as long as you have a jumper because it’s only getting to around 15 degrees lately so it’s pretty cold. After breakfast we went for a walk down to the sandstone buildings which are built right along the Far East point of the waterfront. For such old buildings they are well looked after and being used for a hotel, restaurants and other businesses. 

From down here it’s also a great spot to look back at Mt Wellington and watch it dwarf the city. 

Well it’s been a pretty productive weekend overall but back to work today. The property is due to settle next wednesday so fingers crossed all going to plan we’ll be moving in over the Easter break. 

One thought on “Preparing to move again! 

  1. Very exciting for you two moving into your new home together,very happy for you both….. Can wait to visit 😘😘


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