Fremantle // The Farm

It’s my last day in Perth and my sister and I have decided to venture down to Fremantle for the day. We both love Freo and there are a number of new shops around since we were here last like Calypso Warehouse. We also saw some of our favourites including Common Ground, Many 2.0 and the markets.

We also visited one of my favourite restaurants for lunch – Bread in Common. The food is always so good with duck roasted potatoes, salmon with zucchini and roasted cauliflower. Simply delicious! The restaurant is set within an old mechanic’s warehouse in the back of Fremantle and they have decked it out with an industrial setting and it works really well.

We then finished with dessert – chocolate cake with berries and burnt toast icecream.  

I’ve headed back to Mum & Vince’s place for the night which is where I’ve been staying for the past couple of days. They live in Oakford on quite a few acres and its basically a farm these days. They have dorper lambs (some cute young ones and a few oldies with dreadlocks), chickens, birds and a large fish pond with koi. Each time I come I’m sure they have more animals so I’ll be interested to see what they’ve gained next time I visit.

Sheep.jpgSheep 2.jpgChickens.jpgSheep 3.jpgTractor.jpg

Well it’s time to leave Perth in the morning and head back to Hobart. It’s great to catch up with family but does make me appreciate what Clint and I have in Tasmania. We are so spoilt with views, food, people and traffic. Time to get home and start packing as I’m sure we will be moving into our new home very soon.

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