Perth CBD // Crown Towers

I ventured into the city on Wednesday to visit my work family from MPH Lawyers that I left behind after 10 years. It was so nice to catch up with everyone and realise not a lot changes. People come and people go, cases settle and everything just keeps on moving- that is until you try to get out of the city and get stuck in traffic. I have not missed that part one bit!

I enjoyed lunch with a few friends and then walked around the State Buildings. It was nice to actually spend some time looking at the shops and buildings rather than just the usual lunch break rush.

A few new shops have opened up including H&M in the old post office which is just massive.

Dinner was enjoyed at Koi Chinese Restaurant in Harrisdale and it’s and big call but I think it’s the best Chinese food I’ve ever eaten! We ordered way too much as our eyes were bigger than our bellies but I’m sure we will be fighting over the leftovers the next day.

On Thursday it was a pretty cruisy morning and then I went into Burswood with Mum and Vince to get lunch at Epicurean in the new Crown Towers. It’s a buffet but like you’ve never seen it before. The seafood and oysters were abundant, plenty of meats both roasted and cold, curries, salads and sides that fill you to the brim.

You can’t not visit the desserts bar though which includes icecreams, little cupcakes, chocolate fondue fountain, chocolates and so many more which made us very happy. I may not need to eat anymore sugar for a week but it was so worth it!

The pools and gardens they have built surrounding the restaurant are stunning and make you feel like you are in paradise.


They even have planters built into the stone wall that hang down and an enormous frangipani tree in the foyer.

Garden Wall.jpgEntry.jpg

We are so full we haven’t even thought about dinner yet. Perhaps something light if anything. It’s my last full day in Perth tomorrow before I fly out on Saturday morning. Time to have some quality one on one time with my sister.

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