Salmon Ponds // New Norfolk Countryside

It’s a long weekend this weekend in Tas so we went decided to go for a drive out towards New Norfolk for breakfast this morning. It was a rainy old day and about 15 degrees for most of the morning although it feels a lot colder most of the time. We were out this way to have a look around at the area for some friends of ours that are hoping to move to Tassie in the not too distant future and wanted our thoughts on the surroundings and access to a block of land that has been listed for sale.

We stopped for breakfast at Salmon Ponds and the tree lined streets in this weather were really rather stunning. The restaurant is situated right on the edge of the ponds so you can watch people as they feed the fish and flap around recklessly in the water. The deciduous trees also looked great dotted along the waters edge.

Tree lined street.jpgSalmon Ponds.jpgSP restaurant.jpg

A local goat on the way out was obviously in charge of clearing this area near the road.


Plenty of water ways and bridges around the New Norfolk area which actually turned out looking quite good after the weather lifted a slight bit.


Farmlands surround the streets with alpacas, sheep and horses although it has become a bit brown over the last couple of months. With the rains that have already started I’m sure that will change rather quickly.


Plenty of bushland as soon as you head of the beaten track and towards the valleys.


On the return we drove through Dromedary which has some really great rocky cliffs that adorn the side of the road. The rain has also subsided so hopefully we can get a few things done this afternoon. But if not, we always have tomorrow.

Rocky cliffs.jpg



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