We’ve bought a house

Exciting times are upon us as we embark on another new chapter in our lives. We have taken the plunge and bought a house!

We have kept an eye on the market since arriving in October and looking at both houses and land on its own but nothing had really ticked many of our boxes until this one popped up and we almost thought it was too good to be true that it ticked all of our boxes.

Situated right at the back of Old Beach on 22 acres of bushland is a great 3×2 with plenty of room to build Clint’s dream shed.


The house itself has a very new interior and comes with a perfect kitchen and even includes the fridge which is plumbed in. It has a wood fire which will hopefully keep us toasty in winter and the panoramic view down the valley and over the water is just perfect.

New House.jpgmain-2.jpgimage6.jpgimage19.jpg

It’s surrounded by bushland which is just what we were looking for and even has a dam about a hundred metres from the house.


After putting in our offer on Saturday it only took the agent 10 minutes until she called back to tell us our offer had been accepted by the seller. It had barely sunk in that we had put the offer in and then we were in shock that the house was actually ours!

As the property is empty we stopped by again this afternoon to take a few measurements so we can look at getting the shed and carport quoted and have a celebratory drink on the balcony.

We have to go through the usual settlement process so hopefully in the next 2 months it will be ours and we can get moved in before winter hits.


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