Farm Gate Market

The farm gate markets are the local Hobart markets that are held on a section of Bathurst St in the CBD each Sunday. It’s a great smaller market to pickup some local produce when you don’t feel like heading to Salamanca on Saturday or in my case, just couldn’t get there.

This Sunday there were a couple of great plant suppliers selling a range of different plants, seedlings, herbs and quite a number that I hadn’t seen before.

I picked up these beautiful yellow dahlia’s which have the most precious petals. I whole bunch for just $8, who could resist!

The sun was shining and there were a heap of people around enjoying the food on offer including freshly shucked oysters, char grilled octopus, sushi and plenty of coffee and fruit, the people were happily wandering around and chatting away. The 2 guys busking were keeping the crowds entertained.

The produce available varies depending on the stalls that come along each week. Lady Hester Sourdough Donuts had the crowds excited with their flavours including Blackberry, Apricot, Preserved Lemon Curd and the one that caught my eye – Dark chocolate and pistachio.

I collected a few items of produce from Tinderbox Produce and the Golden Valley Farm as well as some blueberries from a supplier from the Huon Valley which were very moorish.

These markets are open from 8:30 – 1pm each and every Sunday of the year and are a lot quieter than the madness of Salamanca. Its a great spot to speak to the local farmers and growers and get to know what they produce and then get to take it home and enjoy it in your own home.

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