Cruising the River Derwent on M.L. Egeria

On Tuesday evening our organisation was entertaining a large group from Melbourne after Board meetings were held during the day. We took this opportunity to take them our for a cruise on the River Derwent followed by dinner at the Motor Yacht Club in Lindisfarne. It was a great way to show some of the guests from interstate the sights of Hobart from the water and as a new local to Tassie I really enjoyed it.

We ventured out on the Egeria which is a classic antique wooden boat built back in 1941. It has since had a number of renovations all undertaken by the many volunteers that look after and skipper the boat during functions. The boat has taken out the Queen and Princesses and continues to take out the Governor for any events on the water. The volunteers skippering the boat were extremely knowledgeable of the area and were able to tell us a lot about the river, buildings and also the partial bridge collapse back in 1975. They were even able to show us the boat which is still in the water below on the navigation device as we passed over the top of it.

We then took the boat in close to the Hobart waterfront and managed to see a few of the wooden boats that are in town for the wooden boat festival to celebrate Royal Hobart Regatta Day this weekend.

It was a great evening to be out on the river and we came back after about an hour to enjoy dinner in the restaurant which also looks over the water. It was a great night enjoyed by all.

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