Margate – Vintage goods, trains and pancakes

Just 25 minutes south of Hobart you come to the town of Margate. I came in search of a vintage store which had received a few good write ups and it didn’t disappoint.

When you arrive, you see this massive old train which has been transformed into a range of different shops and restaurants. Whilst it is really old they still allow you to climb all over the train. There’s a gift shop, a lolly shop, juice bar and Devil’s brewery as well at the pancake train which ill talk about further below.

The vintage store is located right down the end behind the train. The amount of stuff they had packed into a large warehouse was extraordinary but best of all they had a heap of items that I haven’t seen before and were really well priced. I was very restrained with my purchases this time round with an old wooden apple crate and a few kitchen items which I hope to use it food photography styling. I will definitely be back again soon as the turnover of stock is constant with new items arriving daily.

A trip to Margate wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Pancake train. Set inside a couple of the carriages on the train they serve up a range of different pancakes both sweet and savoury as well as a number of other items. But you wouldn’t not order the pancakes would you? I certainly didn’t miss out, these apple crumble pancakes were some of the best pancakes I have ever eaten. Combine this with the fact you are taken back into the history and sitting in the old velvet chairs it all adds to the enjoyment.

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