East Coast Drive // Mayfield Beach // Freycinet National Park

As Australia day came around we started with a sleep in followed by breakfast and coffee. We then decided to spend the day venturing up the east cost of Tasmania to Freycinet National Park and the Coles Bay conservation area.

The central midlands area was extremely dry and I often forget that it is summer at the moment given the temp around Hobart is usually mid 20’s most of the time with quite a few cold days thrown in there.


On our adventures we often have an end point in mind but all of the stops we make are just by chance and decided on the fly as we come around a bend and see a good spot or find a sign pointing to something of interest. Mayfield beach was one of these and whilst WA is known for its beaches I don’t know why Tasmania isn’t with stunning places like these.

DSC_0077.jpgDSC_0080.jpgDSC_0082.jpgDSC_0093.jpgOnce we were back on the road and winding roads as you can see below, we stopped by Devil’s Corner winery to take advantage of the lookout they have built out of shipping containers.


This is Spiky Bridge. Climb at your own risk.


By this time we had quite an appetite so stopped in at the oyster bay restaurant for some local seafood for lunch.

After a bit more driving we entered Freycinet National Park and the Coles Bay Conservation area. It’s often difficult to get the photos to show to enormity of the mountains, it’s really something you have to see for yourself. These mountains are 2 of the 4 they call The Hazards which tower above you ranging from 331m up to 485m and surround Wineglass Bay. That hike will have to be for another day.


Honeymoon beach in all its glory. The turquoise waters, corals and shells stuck to the rocks giving the snorkellers in the water plenty of fish and marine life to enjoy. Surrounded by rocks to climb up it really was a picture perfect spot.


Our final stop before heading back was up tot he lighthouse. Whilst you can’t climb up the lighthouse itself just a few steps away they have built a deck that wraps around the cliff with views out to the ocean as far as the eye can see. That little white dot in the water was a sailing boat.


On the return drive south these were the best of the bunch from tree lined streets to old buildings and beaches it really was a great day experiencing more of this incredible country we call home.


Well we are both back to work tomorrow but luckily its just for 1 day and then we get to enjoy the weekend. Whilst we have already seen a lot of Tassie in such a short time through our weekend adventures we still have so much to see. Luckily so much of it is protected so future generations, tourists and visitors to the state can enjoy. If you have ever thought of a trip to Tasmania I hope these blog posts are moving this location up on your list of places to visit very soon as you won’t be disappointed.

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