Mt Wellington in Summer

After our venture up to the summit of Mt Wellington when we first arrived in late October (remember that glorious snow!) we thought it would be a good chance to make the most of the clear skies yesterday and get a few photos of the lookout.

It was also great to be able to try and point out how many of the different suburbs we now know and can navigate our way around. We are using google maps a lot less these days and take a lot fewer trips over the bridge when paying attention to where we are going.



There were a lot of people up the top wandering around and climbing on the rocks and taking in the view.



We stopped into Salamanca on the way home and enjoyed a burger and drink in the sun at the Whaler whilst people and car watching. A Sunday well spent.

As I write this post at 9pm at night we noticed a glow beaming in the house. The sun setting behind Mt Wellington in all its glorious colours, from a peach to dark orange it was sudden but amazing to witness. This is the view we have everyday of Mt Wellington from our backyard, who could complain.







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